Session Proposals

Remember, these are just ideas! The real schedule will be created the day of the event. Share your ideas even if they're rough and show your interest by voting for the ones you'd like to attend.

Crochet Cubed

How to Crochet a cube out of yarn.

Retro games and emulation

Bleep, bleep, bloop. A discussion of retro games, emulation, and the new crop of retro-styled modern indie games. There may be some playable games available.

Beginning game development with Unity3d

Learn how to start making games with free tools! Depending on the programming skills of the participants, it can be either beginner friendly or advanced where we get to play around with some neat stuff.

Building BarCamp -- You Can Do It Too!

We'll take a look at the tech stack involved in creating this website. Audience participation will be welcome as we explore continuous delivery and integration with GitHub. Maybe you can help fix some bugs!

Stoke your Creative Writing Fire!

Snag a notebook and a pen, and bend your mind over some creative writing exercises sure to stir up your passion for the written word!

Why wait to play?

Wait until 7 to play table top games? No thank you! Come learn and play a new table top game in one hour!

workflow automation for any whole job - (best if its on a Mac)

Pick any individual (gunnie pig) and determine a job they normally do using their tech/no physical world elements. The task is to come up with a complete automation scheme using: 1. the fewest keystrokes and/or easiest routines - and - 2. as many free to minimum cost tools as possible. I think this can be done using any platform (except maybe windows) , but likely be easier/better done for a Mac, on Linux, would be pretty do-able on iOS and surprising attainable on Chrome OS.

Gamification - Can we turn work into play? A discussion.

It is the business ideal... have people as interested in their daily work as they are in the video games and board games they play after work. After a brief overview of the topic of gamification or "serious games" as defined by industry professionals, participants will discuss the topic of whether it is possible to merge game concepts with the work world and which game concepts might be the best fit for the work world.

Kinect for Windows Development

Got an Xbox One with a Kinect lying around at home and want to make it do something useful? I'll review how to get your Kinect set up to talk to your PC, and we'll look into creating a simple app using the SDK!

Round-ish Table Discussion: Are You Alive?

"Do not ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what make you come alive, and then go do it; because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Come share your stories of chasing your passions, or your frustrations of feeling stuck. Let's learn from each other how to discover and do what we love.

HTML 5 Mobile Development

Why use HTML5? Why do it Native? What frameworks are out there to make life easier?