Session Proposals

Remember, these are just ideas! The real schedule will be created the day of the event. Share your ideas even if they're rough and show your interest by voting for the ones you'd like to attend.

Cofounder and Janitor-in-Chief

As a startup founder, you end up wearing a lot of hats; come and hear some real life stories about this startup CTO shipping physical products, writing sales proposals, and more!


Not exactly a session, but I've been working on turning my PocketCHIP into a device that can take timelapse videos. I'll have it set up during the event and would gladly talk about it if you ask.

Pattern recognition and sentiment

Can you teach a machine to recognize emotion? Do an overview of some basic computerized ways to recognize sentiment in written text and have an active discussion regarding the uses, strengths and weaknesses of machine-based sentiment analysis.

Scraping craigslist

One of the largest and most popular websites in the world. Many have tried, and many have failed trying to scrape the data from it. Learn what it takes to get what you want from this giant.

Home Automation / Security

Have you tried setting up a home automation or security system? I've been playing with OpenHAB and Zoneminder recently, and I'll show what I've got set up and share some tips and tricks I've learned along the way. I'd also love to discuss alternatives and hear what others have done!

Graph Drawing for Adults

Remember copying a drawing from page one to page two of your coloring book using the pre-drawn graph to guide your lines? We'll try an advanced version of that to make stunning 2D charcoal drawings off reference pictures.

For Kids: Make a Scratch game

Let's make a Scratch game together. We'll start off with some quick brainstorming and then collaborate on a game together using

Escape Room Do-It-Yourself

A) Discuss how to create a lower scale "Escape Room" experience (Google 'Escape Room' for explanation). B) Discussion is held after a 40 minute actual low-key Escape Room experience

Introduction to Tea

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. In this session you'll learn what tea is, the different types of tea, a bit of tea history, and how to brew the perfect cup!

Pour Over Coffee Bar by Sandcastle

This isn't a specific session, but we'll have a pour over coffee bar available all day. We'll make you some delicious coffee using freshly ground Luna beans; OR, learn how to make it yourself using our handy step-by-step guide! We'll also have a few curated teas available if coffee isn't your thing. Coffee and tea are free, courtesy of @sandcastleco !

Indie Gaming Session

After supper, let's play some video games you probably never heard of. I've got some good local multiplayer games, like Lethal League, Gang Beasts, and Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time. Bring a spare usb or xbox controller if you have one!